Tina Lindegaard/ Begbie Studios
Multi-media Visual Artist

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Hi Tina...Great stuff! I think I'll have to start a Lindegaard collection. Take care and keep up the amazing work!
Brent - 8 May 2011
Congrats on the studio. You worked so hard for it you deserve it.
Garry Kallen - 6 Jan 2011
Love your laundry ...... your mom told me about your site, and she's here right now telling me about your work. All the best ......
Dorothy - 26 Mar 2009
Wonderful work Tina, nice site too, Revelstoke residents are lucky to have you and so many other talented people in our town.
Jutta Maraun - 25 Mar 2009
Garry is right...you are a very talented artist. I hope to see an exibit of your someday.
joan skelton - 31 Aug 2008
wonderfull work keep at it one day at a time
joycedoughtyyourmomsfriend - 26 Feb 2008
I'm a proud mother to you. You are SO talented. lOVE YOU and your work You are amazing I'm a proud mother to you
kate lindegaard - 26 Feb 2008
heyy tina i love your art work :) tell Sofie i say Hi
Quinn - 19 Oct 2007
Tina,I have been a great admirer of the various pieces that you have displayed in locations around Revelstoke. I especially like "In the grip of time" and I love the untitled acrylic on fabric,{patchwork}. Keep doing what you do,it's beautiful. Tina B.
Tina Bafaro - 24 Sep 2007
From your intro to your remarkable work, I was dumbfounded. Your talent, compassion and humanity are things you should be VERY PROUD of. The site is well done, easy to navigate and it left me wanting to see more. Way to go, I am so proud of you and to be able to call you friend.
Marla Dean Smiley - 11 Sep 2007
Tina great work, wow your looks great. It's wonderful to see all the pieces together after watching some of them transform from mind to canvas. You are truly a wonderful artist and may your journey as one bring you many pleasures. Kelly
Kelly C. Perry - 8 Sep 2007
To know an artist with your gifts and talent is a blessing.........I am grateful to be a part of your journey. Please continue following your heart through your visions in artistry . Serenity is yours through acceptance,just for today. I hope to share in the ownership of one of your signed pieces too. Bonnie-3 Sept 2007
Bonnie - 3 Sep 2007
I am a proud owner of 2 of your beautiful and moving pieces. Your site and works are like you, giving in many ways. I am so happy for you Tina, your friend. Sam
Sam - 1 Sep 2007
I love your site - your work is beautiful - I will have lindegaard works hanging in my home one day - hopefully sooner than later. When are you visiting Val on her turf next - could I possibly join you two for lunch when you do
Laurie Kenner - 23 Aug 2007
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